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10 Acre Organic Farm


Fruts Stand in Organic Orchard

Share in the Success of Local and Sustainable Agriculture!

We're excited to partner with Steward to secure a business loan so we can expand our regenerative Organic fruit & vegetable farm.

Our 10-acre farm, located in Paonia, Colorado, has been organically managed since 1970. This farm will maintain a focus on growing high brix, nutrient dense food through soil regeneration practices.

The exceptional fruits & veggies we grow and harvest will be available to customers along the Front Range, in cities stretching from Denver to Fort Collins. 

What makes Steward unique is they offer appropriate, values-based lenders an opportunity to share in our success by participating in a secured, interest-bearing loan. Here’s how it works:

Before Steward makes a business loan to the Colorado Peach Co., it sells “loan participations” to qualified individual lenders, as a way to raise capital to fund our eventual farm loan. Participating lenders buy a “piece” of the loan (starting at $100) from Steward and receive repayments (with interest) over time until their original loan principal is repaid. It’s a win-win--we grow together!

Visit to learn about specific loan terms and interest rate. We would be grateful for your support.

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